How to Search and Add USDT into Your Wallet
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How to Search and Add USDT into Your Wallet

Adding a USDT or token to your Trust Wallet or MetaMask involves a simple process.

Here’s how you can do it for both:

πŸš€Trust Wallet:

βœ… 1. Open Trust Wallet:
● Start by launching your Trust Wallet app on your mobile device.

βœ…2. Tap the Top Right Icon:
● On the main dashboard, tap the icon in the top right corner (two circles with a plus sign).

βœ… 3. Search for the USDT:
● Use the search bar to look for the coin or token you want to add.

βœ… 4. Toggle the Switch:
● Once you find the asset, toggle the switch next to it to “ON.” It will now be added to your main dashboard.

βœ… 5. For Custom Tokens:
● If you can’t find a specific token, you might need to add it manually.

● Tap on the top right icon again and then select “Add Custom Token.”

● Choose the network (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain), and fill in the token details (Contract Address, Name, Symbol, and Decimals).

These details can usually be obtained from the official website of the token or from blockchain explorers like Etherscan or BscScan.
– Tap “Save” or “Done.”



βœ…1. Open MetaMask:
● Launch the MetaMask extension or mobile app.

βœ… 2. Access Tokens Section:
● Click on the menu (three horizontal lines on the mobile app) and select “Assets.”

βœ… 3. Add Token:
● Scroll down and click on the “Add Token” button.

βœ… 4. Search or Custom Token:
● You can search for popular tokens using the “Search” tab.
● If you can’t find your token, switch to the “Custom Token” tab.

βœ… 5. Enter Token Details:
● For custom tokens, you’ll need to provide the Contract Address, and the Token Symbol and Decimals will typically auto-fill. If they don’t, you can enter them manually.

Again, these details can usually be found on the token’s official website or blockchain explorers.

βœ… 6. Add the Token:
● Once the details are filled in, click “Next” and then “Add Tokens.”


πŸš€Important Tips:

● Always make sure you get the contract address from a reliable source to avoid adding fake tokens.

● Double-check the network when adding tokens. For instance, ensure you’re on the Binance Smart Chain network in MetaMask when adding a BEP-20 token.

By following these steps, you can easily search for and add coins or tokens in both Trust Wallet and MetaMask, keeping all your assets in one place and ensuring a smooth crypto experience.

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